A distinguished thanks goes out to our parents. Who still don't get what we do, or how we survive.


People & Organizations

Our first Believers

Emily, Rachel, and Sunita. You signed up for Nicaragua, when we had no way to prove how cool we were. And you ladies killed it. You girls are risk takers, and winners. Forever in our heart ❀️⚑️  

Aaron Kohn

The Great Aaron Sander Kohn. Spencer's brother, and Supercharge's MVP. Risk your life for a perfect shot? He calls it his job. This gentleman is so tough, he pairs branzino 🐟 with shiraz🍷

Pavan bahl,
rob sanchez

Founders at Os-Fashion. A business development firm with a focus in the fashion industry and related technologies. Pav and Rob are Supercharge's good friends. They continue to support us with legal agreements, connections, and great events. They run an amazing podcast, and Pavan is an excellent pool player.