Supercharge: Nicaragua

Aug 18th, 2016 - Aug 24th, 2016

⚡️Supercharge Trip: Nicaragua⚡️

That's when your launch project takes place in Nicaragua. We cruised through one of the most paradisiac locations in Central America with Emily, Sunita, and Rachel. Starting in Maderas Village and ending in our private hilltop mansion, we showcased our brand sponsors through that aspirational lifestyle which dreams are made from.

Clients: Bumble and Bumble, ModCloth, Garnier, Caeden.

We have been asked a couple times who that guy up there with the camera on the horse is. It's our pleasure to introduce you to The Great Aaron Sander Kohn. Spencer's brother, Franco's brother from another mother, and Supercharge's MVP. The toughest gentleman, a horse has ever been ridden on. Risk your life + a $20,000 Ronin for a perfect shot? For Aaron that's just an easy 🌮 Taco Tuesday. He is so tough, he pairs branzino 🐟 with shiraz🍷.
Aaron, welcome to the fam.

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